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How Do You Kill A Monster Gently?

A MOTHER’S DAY ADMISSION I go through the motions, try to play along. But my knew-found devotion to Truth refuses to let me be. The tears flow and the pain comes. So I let it. There are things worth mourning. Places where grief has a work to do. So I let it ride. Feel every […]

A Spirit Production; Love In All Its Varied Expressions (Pt 3)

Love is never a formula. It is always about living and walking with Holy Spirit; listening to his promptings and responding in the way he directs. When we walk and respond in partnership with him we can be confident it will always in all ways Lead us back to love.   Love doesn’t look the […]

A Spirit Production; Love in all it’s expressions (Pt 2)

As a follower of Jesus, the fruit of the Spirit is our guidance system. It is meant, foremost, to be used to examine our own heart. If we use it to measure others, it soon leaves a trail of bitter taste where there should be Spirit sweetness. Long ago, I noticed that defining what fruit […]

A Spirit Production; Love in all it’s expressions (Pt 1)

  There has been a low, relentless vibration in my gut that started with my journey out of shame-driven religion and into relationship-anchored faith. During this on-going process, I have realized one of my missions on this Earth is to redefine language.  Words have become weapons. Accusations and assumptions hurl like rapid fire, taking out […]

9 Lessons Learned From Hallmark Christmas Movies

1- People who live in the Big City are successful but lonely. Big City folk are so good at what they do that they don’t need human contact. They work long days, then walk the bustling streets, to end the day at a bar or fancy restaurant, surrounded but alone. The owner/bartender/server knows them, but […]

Love: Like Walking A Tightrope In A Thunderstorm

If this life is a balancing act, then love is like walking a tightrope in a thunderstorm while juggling hungry monkeys. There is always the danger of a tumble; always the chance those who have access will shake our foundation, throw us off balance. It opens the possibility that our life and hopes and dreams […]

Storms and Drought, Braving Both

We humans try to make peace with the storm by saying it made us strong. We romanticize it, marvel at it and give it credit for who we are today. I have a different viewpoint. Storms show the strength of your roots. You may be a pretty, flowering tree above the surface but if your root […]

That Person in the Mirror? Amazing! And You Know It

Remember when you thought you were awesome? When you knew you were loved and lovable? Remember when you thought you had something to offer? When you had dreams and plans and a drive to change the world? This picture of my granddaughter speaks so clearly to this. She is obviously very pleased with the girl in the mirror. […]

How to Wear Your Crown and Work That Thing

Several years ago, I dreamed I was in a huge auditorium filled with women. They were every age, race, size, shape, and color imaginable. The beauty of the scene was staggering. I stood at a table watching. As women passed by some stopped and spoke to me, some I reached out to or called over. […]

Scars Of A Cult Left Behind

I just stepped off the stage from sharing, for the first time, my story of recovery from the abuse and effects of a cult. I had never been this honest with this many people and I felt very exposed. I was glad it was over. After, while in a restroom stall, I heard two women […]