In an attempt to explain the unexplainable and tame the untamable we have settled for knowledge over experience only to be left dissatisfied in our soul. We have diminished our concept of God’s nature and character in an attempt to contain and predict the way He chooses to move. All the while, God is calling us into a deep relationship with the wildness of His power and scandalous nature of His love.

Our Father: A Journey Into the Wild Untamed Love of God delivers a fresh look at an ancient prayer of Jesus found in Matthew 6. This prayer is an invitation into a dynamic relationship with the God of the universe. As you journey through these verses, you will discover the nature of God as Father and the familial relationship made available to all believers. You will explore keys to living effectively as citizens of Heaven while aliens on Earth as you are challenged to:

  • Experience God’s presence and goodness
  • Realize your value in the family of God
  • Be conscious of God’s Kingdom on Earth
  • Realign your perspective and perception with His good nature
  • Pray bold prayers aligned with the standard of Heaven
  • Expect and rejoice in His abundant provision
  • Affirm your dependency on and partnership with God
  • Stand in authority over the plots of the enemy

Our Father: A Journey Into the Wild Untamed Love of God leads you into a vibrant exchange with God that is active and experiential. Through this study guide, you will more clearly see Father’s heart, learn to recognize His voice and trust His kind intentions. You will learn to perceive Holy Spirit’s movement, language, and tone. You will more fully grasp the depth and breadth of the cost Jesus paid to make this beautifully mysterious relationship available to you.

You long for more and He offers greater than your wildest imaginations, deepest desires, highest hopes and most extraordinary dreams.

Customer Reviews

“Doing this study was transformative! This study is a fresh exciting way to see God as a loving, kind and compassionate Father. Can’t say enough to explain how good this study will be for anyone who wants to venture into a fresh view point to the Lord’s Prayer.” D. N.

“If anyone wants to EXPERIENCE the Word of God and how He wants you to find Him in His love for you, be ready to have your heart and soul “charged up” by the Holy Spirit with Jesus holding you tight. You won’t need videos or live feeds because IF YOU have the desire to spend time with Him, sit with Him, open your mind and heart to Him, Angie has given you the bible study that will immerse your cravings for more than just reading God’s word!!” – S. B.

“Such an amazing and life changing study. I’m blessed to have been able to do this study and grow in my relationship with The Lord.” – M. R.