Truth, The Good, The Bad, and The Louder The Better

2020 word feature

2020 word – TRUTH

Truth has always been important to me. All my life, I have seen through the lies more than I wanted. I know it is part of being a discerner and feeler, but sometimes it’s tiring. When it feels like betrayal, like a kick in the gut, it’s Truth trying to get my attention.

In my late 20s, after we came out of a cult that had twisted scripture to fit the twisted agenda of a twisted leadership, Truth became the essential thing in my life. I packed up Holy Spirit and all his related items, all his passion and compassion, moving and leading, set it on a high shelf and walked away. I decided I would learn the word of God so well no one could ever use it to deceive me again. 

For the next 20 years, my faith became an exercise of word retention rather than a relationship with the Living Word. I read the scriptures as law that drained all the color and depth out of my faith-and life. Everything became black and white. Do this not that. Walk the tightrope, don’t lose balance, and you might be ok.

I read God’s love letter as a rule book.

A manual rather than a dream journal.

A formula to master rather than a relationship to grow in.

Then one day….

Holy Spirit blasted into my life, reintroduced himself, and took me on a journey that changed everything. Suddenly, all those verses I had read with a sharp outline and edge, became a sketch that the Spirit began filling it in with dazzling color. The scripture stored in my head melted into my heart and became the foundation for all that God was building in me.

When dry words get drenched with Living Water beautiful things begin to grow.

Don’t misunderstand, I believe the word of God changes lives like nothing else can. However, it is the Living Word who sparks life into dead places when his Spirit blows across the written word. That is why we can read past a scripture for years, but then one day, it grabs us and won’t let go.


It’s his breath stirring up Truth.

It is a beautiful dance of Father, Son, and Spirit
that pulls us into the movement of life transformation.


Truth walked into my soul and lit it on fire. I’ve been burning ever since.

Unfortunately, there are two sides to the Truth coin.

One side increases sensitivity to the Spirit of Truth: I see colors and hues, exceptions and allowances.

The other points out lies and half truths: I hear fear in the judgement, powerlessness in the hate.

I have learned to test and weigh, look again at what I question, study the angles. Talk to Jesus about it.


“Never trade opinion for Truth because
God often rewrites our opinion when Truth penetrates our heart.” 


My natural inclination is to keep my opinions to myself unless asked. I’m aware some people don’t care. However, if I remain silent, I partner with the lies. If I say nothing, it’s the same as agreeing with them. I’ve tried for years to tell myself it doesn’t matter, but it does.

So… this year, I will not let those things fester or grow. I will speak up when I see or hear lies being spread.* Especially about those whom I love and respect.

Imagine how different our world would be if we stop spreading the less-than true.

What if we just paused a minute. Might there be another side, another layer? Imagine how much miscommunication and division could be avoided if we took the time to check the story we’re spreading. My dad used to tell me all the time, “Consider the source. That will tell you a lot.”

You know, not everything on a meme is true. Not everything “published” is fact or accurate.

Why not spread Truth?

The Prince of Peace never rejoices in blame, punishment, or division. So how can I claim to serve him and let those things continue to multiply and spread? 


Truth can light a fire or water a dry land.
It can ignite a fire or put one out.

Truth can yank open the blinds in a dark room,
and it can lower the curtain on a twisted agenda.

It penetrates and soothes, warms and melts,
germinates, and obliterates. 

Truth always stands firm, forever reigns supreme,
still rings out over the lies when we give it voice.

Truth diffuses offense, calms anger, and silences lies.
It dampens drama, reduces rhetoric, and calms the chaos.  



We all deserve the Truth. 

We all deserve peace.

So here we go: Angie’s Year of Truth Telling has begun.

Jesus help us all.


Download a free printable Truth here.




*Certain things don’t matter, don’t have eternal weight, don’t change the atmosphere or anyone’s attitude. But many things, most things do. When I hear or see this, I will speak up. 

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