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A Spirit Production; Love In All Its Varied Expressions (Pt 3)

Love is never a formula. It is always about living and walking with Holy Spirit; listening to his promptings and responding in the way he directs. When we walk and respond in partnership with him we can be confident it will always in all ways Lead us back to love.   Love doesn’t look the […]

A Spirit Production; Love in all it’s expressions (Pt 2)

As a follower of Jesus, the fruit of the Spirit is our guidance system. It is meant, foremost, to be used to examine our own heart. If we use it to measure others, it soon leaves a trail of bitter taste where there should be Spirit sweetness. Long ago, I noticed that defining what fruit […]

A Spirit Production; Love in all it’s expressions (Pt 1)

  There has been a low, relentless vibration in my gut that started with my journey out of shame-driven religion and into relationship-anchored faith. During this on-going process, I have realized one of my missions on this Earth is to redefine language.  Words have become weapons. Accusations and assumptions hurl like rapid fire, taking out […]