When Your Brain is Making You Loose Your Mind


The world has become so noisy. And all the noise has one goal, divide so it can conquer. It seems everything is a line in the sand, a reason for division and anger.

It tells you to choose a side, pick a cause;
says you can’t love that without hating this;
can’t love our country and still see the room for improvement;
can’t have a heart for the orphans and still honor our laws;
can’t work with the wealthy and validate the needy;
can’t respect our lawmakers and still disagree with them.

It shines a light on the differences giving them more weight than our similar beliefs and hopes and dreams.

It seems to think everything is a reason for civil unrest;
tells us what to buy, what to think, how to look, and how to feel;
there is a pill to fix whatever ails us;
tells us to “just do it.”


Take Intentional Aim


So, to get your mind on the better, right, beautiful things, grab a journal or a piece of scratch paper – or the back of your hand – and quickly jot down your thoughts on:

  1. Identify one thing that always makes you smile— a favorite song, memory, person.
  2. Pull your “smile memory” back to mind when the lie-loop starts and the good fades from memory.
  3. Define what “lovely” means to you.
  4. Intentionally recall something lovely when unlovely thoughts try to take over.

Now share your thoughts with a friend today and ask for theirs. Something magical happens when we speak good things into the atmosphere. 

I’ll even challenge you to go a step further- share them with me here or in a message.

Take on the day with your awesomeness flowing behind you like a superhero cape!


God is good. Freedom is real. Conversation is powerful.



Photo by Clem Onojeghuo on Unsplash

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