Storms and Drought, Braving Both

We humans try to make peace with the storm by saying it made us strong. We romanticize it, marvel at it and give it credit for who we are today.

I have a different viewpoint.

Storms show the strength of your roots. You may be a pretty, flowering tree above the surface but if your root base is shallow and immature, the first gust of wind will blow you over. Storms show what lies beneath but they don‘t create that strength.

Living in the central valley of California I see this a lot.

When we first moved here, it amused me how a mild “storm” would leave trees uprooted. From young saplings to mature, the city would be an obstacle course of downed trees. A gardener told me, “That is because our hardpan* is close to the surface. So we put boulders around the base of our trees. And we drill down through the soil’s hardpan and put in a vertical pipe to water from the base. That way the roots go deep looking for the water.”

Strength from the Strong One

Deep roots come from accessing the deep water.

Strong limbs come from strong roots.

You are strong because God made you that way- not because hard things come into your life. God is the Creator and Crafter. Strength lies within because Strength Himself wove it into you at conception. You are a reflection of His image to the world. He deserves the credit.

I’ve seen hard situations bring a family together, and I have watched as they walked away more aware of their Strong God and their inner strength. I’ve seen the same difficulty break a person, a family, or an organization to the point of destruction.

Some break.
Some bend.
Some stand tall.

The same deep roots that help you stand in the storm will keep you flourishing in the drought.

You need deep roots to tap into water during a drought.
Only roots that go deep will anchor you during a storm.
Deep roots will help you withstand both.

I am determined to be so intimately connected to God that I spot the storm a mile away and know the drought won’t dry me out. I refuse to credit or glorify the evil plans of the enemy by saying either made me strong. He is a destroyer, a murderer and a thief. His intention is—and always will be to keep us less than what God created us to be.

God intends for us to live and live abundantly; to love and love deeply; to confident in the loving heart of the Weather Maker that the weather doesn’t scare us or sway us.




*a distinct soil layer that is largely impervious to water.


  1. Adrianne

    July 2, 2018 7:07 pm

    Love this truth !!! And you !!

  2. Adrianne

    July 2, 2018 7:07 pm

    Love this truth !!! And you !!

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