That Person in the Mirror? Amazing! And You Know It

Remember when you thought you were awesome?

When you knew you were loved and lovable?
Remember when you thought you had something to offer?
When you had dreams and plans and a drive to change the world?

This picture of my granddaughter speaks so clearly to this. She is obviously very pleased with the girl in the mirror. She thinks she is worth loving and just an all-around amazing little creature. She loves Libby.

We are all born starved for love while still believing we are lovable. I think we are all born knowing we have something to offer this world, a reason for being here.

Then life.

Life kicks us a few times; someone speaks lies to us, about us or over us. Shame worms its way into our soul and psyche. And we forget. Or we let go. Or we just give up.

We fall for the lie that there is nothing good in us, abut us, for us or because of us.


You were made in the image of God.

Carved in his likeness. Woven from his imagination.

You aren’t born evil and then became image-bearers later. You were always an image-bearer. You get marred, marked by life; become wounded, cynical and self-worshipping. The image gets buried beneath the rubble and pain of being a human. We become so entrenched in our broken cycle of dysfunction we think that is the truest part of us. Then Jesus walks in and puts to death that imposter and calls awake the God image in us. This is why we need Jesus.

We need Jesus. Every day we need Jesus.

I encourage you to call back all those things you used to know about yourself. Speak out loud those things you used to know. Pray revival over those dreams. Pray for the redemption of everything: return of the stolen, restoration of the mutilated and life to the dead parts.

The world needs what you offer.
We need to hear your song, see your painting, learn your dance.
We need to read your book, hear your talk, come to your table.
We need to wear your designs, live in your rooms, eat your kitchen creations.
We need to mull over your revelations, your insights and your thoughts.

So, I pray, father God restore all that has been stolen. Redeem and reset all of our dreams back to your original plan and purpose. Rekindle our passion to invade this world with your kingdom.

Amen. Amen.

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