The Little Girl Who Was Meant to Fly part 2

Once upon a time, there was a girl who dreamed someday she would fly. She turned her face into the wind and let her thoughts drift. She felt her heart lift up into the sky in spite of her Earth-bound body.

One day, with her eyes closed, feeling the sun and the wind, she said to her mother, “I had a dream last night that I could fly. I was high enough to see the Earth and water and trees. It was beautiful.” She wiggled her toes in the grass to remind herself where she was.

Her mother huffed a laugh, “You’ve always thought you were something other than just a human. Dreams aren’t real. Life is. And if you fly, you crash. Just stay here, next to me, safe.” She smiled at the girl, but the girl wasn’t looking.

The girl leaned away, “I don’t think I’m something other than human. I think I’m something more than just a human. There is something big in me and it wants to fly out. Fly, fly.” A gust of wind blew courage into the girl’s heart as she risked a glance at mother, but was met with a disapproving scowl.

“Someday you’ll realize that all these dreams are just that. Dreams! Dreams don’t come true. The sooner you realize that, the happier we will all be,” mother chided. “But I love dreams. My night dreams are different than my dream-dreams. Sometimes my night dreams are crazy and don’t make sense. But my dream-dreams talk to me. It’s like they tell me what I already know. You know?” She pleaded.

Mother said, “Dream all you want. Someday you will grow up and realize that dreams are just fantasy and fantasy is evil. And dangerous,” shaking her head. “But it’s just a happy story in my head. Sometimes I think it is God who is telling me the story. Not just me.” The girl looked at mother, wanting her to agree.

But what she saw in her mother’s eyes wasn’t an agreement but fury. “Stop! Talking! About! God! And stop saying he is talking to you. People will think you are crazy,” Mother growled the words behind her clenched teeth.

The girl shrugged her shoulders and pretended the words didn’t sting like a slap. Her mother’s anger, though not new, puzzled the girl.

But the dreams continued.


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