The Girl Who Was Meant To Fly part 1

Once upon a time, there was a little girl who knew she was born to fly. She felt the wind calling her, lifting her heart and soul but couldn’t get her feet off the ground.

One day she whispered to her mother as she stood tall in the grass and spread her arms into the wind, “Someday I will fly. I just know it.” She stretched and tiptoed into the wind.

Her mother frowned and said, “You aren’t meant to fly. Come sit here by me and enjoy the earth. The grass makes a soft cushion.” As she patted the ground.

The little girl laughed and ran in circles, captivated by the wind on her skin. “Sit down with me. You’re like me – an earth lover. We get dizzy in the wind.” Mother forced a smile in the girl’s direction.

The girl smiled back. “I know,” beamed the girl, “isn’t it wonderful that dizzy, lift-y feeling you get?” as she twirled.

Mother grabbed the girl as she spun around. “That feeling is telling you to sit down!” the mother shouted as she pulled the girl to the ground and out of her daydream. With a jolt, her little body hit the ground and she let out a gasp. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt you but you need to learn.” Mother scowled.

Confused, “Learn what?” the girl asked.

With a tired sigh, mother said, “Learn that you weren’t meant to and will never fly. It’s time you grow up and realized you are an earth dweller. The sky is not where you belong.” Her words sounded final.
The little girl pulled her knees to her chest and looked down at her shoes, “But there are lovely things up there; clouds, and birds and tall blooming branches…. and…” the little girl paused, took a deep breath and said with awe, “and God! I hear him. He’s saying higher, higher, higher.” The girl lifted her arms a little more with every word.

Mother snorted. “God! If God wanted you to fly don’t you think he would have told me first? Or given you feathers or wings?” She huffed again for emphasis.

The little girl, bewildered, frowned and looked off into the distance. Was her mother right? Why did dreams make her mother so angry?


…to be continue.



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