A Prayer for Passionate Women

I pray you take your place
knowing it is anywhere
and everywhere God calls you.

I pray you know your calling
until your power becomes
irrevocable and secure;
that you never shrink from the fierceness
and strength of it,
knowing what God starts, he always finishes.

I pray the needs of the broken
and the depth of your power humbles you;
that the weight of both leads you to a
face-down surrender
that strengthens your back,
and bloodlines.

I pray His presence in you
reverberates into the atmosphere
and heals bodies
and souls
and spirits.

I pray your life carves a path
of free access to the King
until exclusion
and condescension
become a thing of the past.

I pray all of who you are bleeds out
into your expression of the Creator
until there is no separating you and Him,
Him and you.
you and Him…

I pray who you are today is only a shadow
of who you become tomorrow because
you see Jesus face-to-face
and suddenly everything is different.

I pray your faith becomes an ever-expanding,
every-deepening foundation;
that on top of it rises a cathedral
built of laughter,
long talks,
and good coffee.

I pray the Good Father holds you so tightly that
every pain-conceived perception
of his nature would fade away
as his goodness consumes you.

I pray you champion other women
and your fullness of joy
and abundance of strength
pulls them into the Holy Presence where they are filled,
and together you become a force to be reckoned with.

I pray you dance a dance of freedom
across the back of every enemy and
into the life of every person you love and
Holy Spirit power shakes the ground with
your every step.

I pray your beauty spills over
and washes your eyes,
to clearly see the image of God within you;
that in the wake of this seeing,
a wave of revelation sweeps those you love
whether by blood,
or circumstance.

I pray you hear the roar as all of Creation
breaks out in an Earth-shaking
Joyful celebration
of that woman in the mirror.

I pray you hear the music as they all join
in the song from Good Father’s heart,
“My daughter,
she is fierce and she is holy
She is tender and she is strong.
My daughter, my daughter,
An expression of Me.”

Amen. Amen.
So be it.

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