Monthly Archives: March 2018

Scars Of A Cult Left Behind

I just stepped off the stage from sharing, for the first time, my story of recovery from the abuse and effects of a cult. I had never been this honest with this many people and I felt very exposed. I was glad it was over. After, while in a restroom stall, I heard two women […]

The Girl Who Was Meant To Fly part 1

Once upon a time, there was a little girl who knew she was born to fly. She felt the wind calling her, lifting her heart and soul but couldn’t get her feet off the ground. One day she whispered to her mother as she stood tall in the grass and spread her arms into the […]

The Little Girl Who Was Meant to Fly part 2

Once upon a time, there was a girl who dreamed someday she would fly. She turned her face into the wind and let her thoughts drift. She felt her heart lift up into the sky in spite of her Earth-bound body. One day, with her eyes closed, feeling the sun and the wind, she said […]

7 Ways To Punch Shame in the Throat

Shame shows up in our lives in surprising ways. It has an agenda all its own and doesn’t mind changing its tactics to serve its purpose. Shame aims to keep you fearful, living a small life, and stifling the gifts you have to offer the world. Will we ever be fully rid of shame? I […]

A Prayer for Passionate Women

I pray you take your place knowing it is anywhere and everywhere God calls you. I pray you know your calling until your power becomes unshakeable, irrevocable and secure; that you never shrink from the fierceness and strength of it, knowing what God starts, he always finishes. I pray the needs of the broken and […]