My Story

My family and I live in California- think orchards and fields, scorching summers and snowy mountains; not the California of Hollywood but the California that feeds the world. 

I married my high school sweetheart. We gullibly made sacred promises to each other at a very young age. We have survived everything those vows invited into our life, because we choose each other day after day, year after year, even when we would rather not.

My daughter and son are now adults. My bonus son and three beautiful creatures that call me Grammy added a new depth of love to our family.

Angie Stumbo

I believe words can weave a blanket and expose a lie;

demolish a wall and build a bridge;

cut straight to the issue and drill down into bedrock.

They can dance on a page and leave us breathless with wonder, or crash into our soul like an avalanche.

They are my first love and my love language.

Now I know because of this, the garden-deceiver has always been after my voice.

Childhood horror carved deep shame ruts in my little girl soul that left me afraid to speak or look anyone in the eye. A violent attack as a young adult, hidden in twisted doctrine and conspiracy, reinforced the hellish message: what I said didn’t matter; what happened to me didn’t matter; I didn’t matter.

No one listened. No one believed. No one defended.

The enemy twisted my pain into lies about the nature of God, misrepresented him as an angry Zeus, poised on the edge of violence, ready to strike.

Then, the grace of God stepped in; led me to people that taught me to own my thoughts, voice, and opinion; to look friend, and enemy alike, in the eye and not back down.

It was hard but so worth it.

Most recently, he threatened my voice with an invasive, slow-growing disease. This time someone listened. This time someone fought for me.

This time I knew the Defender.

God is proving to me that his graciousness will take what was intended to kill, steal or destroy and turn it into something unshakable, beautiful and life-giving.

Because of my journey, I tend to speak in bare-faced, straightforward language. I tend to cut to the chase and strike at the root. Part of this is my personality, part the urgency I feel, part the prophetic inclination of my heart.

So I write.

An amalgamation of words and phrases that carry the message I feel I’ve been entrusted to share:

God is good.

Freedom is real.

Conversation is powerful.

Angie Stumbo - joy!