About Angie


Angie invites  others to explore the goodness of God through insightful conversation, challenging insights and riveting stories of sacred encounter.

She is convinced that if we could sit across the table from each other, fresh drink in hand, our conversations could heal our hearts and, together, we would change our world.

Until then, let’s meet here.

Angie Stumbo bio

I used to think I needed to figure it all out, find the formula for living a “good” life, being good enough.

Then God grabbed me by the heart, told me he isn’t interested in an employee. He wants a daughter. He doesn’t want a contract. He wants a relationship. 

That encounter wrecked my world. It undid every tightly laced constraint I had in place and set me free. It is beautiful and terrifying and messy and awe-full. But I don’t ever want to go back to who I used to be.

God has convinced me He would much rather have us pushing the boundaries in our adventures with Him than playing it safe and impacting no one. So much freedom and goodness are waiting. Let’s find it together.

Settle in, my friend, and taste and see He is better than you hope, dream, or imagine!

I believe...

I believe faith is dynamic. It deepens and expands with life and experience.

Black and white absolutes are few while vibrant colors and hues surround us. I see the world in living color, but I believe there are a few nonnegotiable points:

Angie Stumbo

I believe there is One God and He is good

Every belief I hold, starts and ends here.
If it doesn’t stand up to the test of his goodness, it falls.

God is first and foremost, completely good; not good that requires explanation, but truly, truly good.

I believe Jesus is the revelation of and path to God

Jesus is the Son of God, the exact representation of his nature.

Jesus is the true demonstration of what God has to say.

Any belief I hold about God that isn’t found in the person of Jesus deserves to be re-examined.

I believe Holy Spirit is moving and involved in our lives.

Holy Spirit crafts beauty and synergy in all I do.
Holy Spirit is my deepest breath and wildest dream.

Holy Spirit teaches me to think differently in order to live differently. If I’m not growing and changing my mind, I am resisting Holy Spirit’s work in my life.


I believe the Bible points us to Jesus.

The Bible does not contain God, it reveals Him.
The Bible is the inspired word of God, pointing to the Living Word, Jesus.

What it does perfectly, through every book of history and wisdom, law and poetry, prophesy and letters, is point us to Jesus.