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Welcome! I’m so happy to meet you.

Hi, I’m Angie, a woman in process; moving down life’s road, day by day, truth by truth.

I wish I could sit across the table from you, meet for coffee or a drink. I’m confident our conversations could change the world. Until then, we can meet here.

Angie Stumbo, Writer

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Our Father by Angie Stumbo

For the soul that knows there must be more

Our Father: A Journey into the Wild Untamed Love of God

In an attempt to explain the unexplainable and tame the untamable we have settled for knowledge over experience only to be left dissatisfied in our soul. We have diminished our concept of God’s nature and character in an attempt to contain and predict the way He chooses to move. All the while, God is calling us into a deep relationship with the wildness of His power and scandalous nature of His love.